Get Home Inspection, Because…

February 5, 2022

✔ Information Critical To Decision Making can be Revealed:
In Tanzania There is a chance that a few things might not be in your knowledge. It is important to get inspected to know about the house fully and understand what you are getting against the payment.

✔ Security:
With inspection, you get to know quite a few things. You might know the hidden issues that may require immediate attention. If these things lay hidden, they can cause big losses or pose great dangers.

✔ Illegal Extensions or Additions:
In inspection, you can also get to know about the places of the house that are built illegally. This means that the places or spaces built are not on the actual layout of the house that the authorities have approved.

✔ Insurance Costs:
If the house has some issues that need to be fixed or has illegal extensions, some insurance companies may not insure the house. This will increase the insurance cost for you if you plan to buy the house.

✔ Protect your Investment:
Once you get a home inspector, you can ask the inspector questions about maintaining your home and tips for keeping the home in an approved condition. It will save you a lot of money.

✔ Get to know both sides of the Coin:
Before making the final decision, you need to understand the costs tagged with the house fully. Then, if you get the home inspected, you will know all the hidden flaws and issues. This will help in making the right decision.

✔ Deal-Breakers:
With the result of a home inspection, you can decide whether the home is worth investing in or not. You should think of the things that for you are deal-breakers. For example, if the home has illegal extensions, you can cancel the deal as this would mean a lot of insurance costs and even government taxes to approve the plan.

✔ Costs in the Long-term:
As a result of a home inspection, you will get to know the shelf-life of the house. Costs like heating, cooling, plumbing, gas, etc., all can be calculated. The inspector will approximate these costs, giving you an idea of what you are looking at in the long term.

So, we urge you to get a home inspection or ask for home inspection reports from former owners of the house if you want to invest in a home. This can save you a lot of trouble, as stated above.

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