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We have worked hard to enable you, through our platform, to reach more potential buyers or tenants with just one click. We are not affiliated with any real estate company and act independently to provide local clients with the best possible service.

Visitors can easily search for properties with different criteria such as price or location, and owners can create an ad in minutes. The best thing about all of this is that it’s completely free for all of our users, and you can do it from your phone with our app.

With a passion for empowering consumers and simplifying the real estate scenario, is focused on providing solutions and professional support with the combination of technology, digital presence and local partners. is a digital platform offering a wide range of unrivaled visual community catering services with imaginable property listings and their details. With the knowledge of the real estate context, aims to continuously explore new ideas, partners and technologies to make the property search easier and faster; as well as bringing together home owners and professionals.

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Whether you are looking for a property for sale in Tanzania or a property to rent, makes it easy to find. Use our geolocation mapping feature to uproot your ideal villa, townhouse or apartment and contact owners directly. We’ll help you find your dream home in seconds.

We provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of buying or selling a home. Whether it’s helping you search for your dream home, discussing new real estate developments in Tanzania, or assisting in the sale of your property, we would love to help. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! was designed with your success in mind. Get more calls, schedule more views, and earn more commissions.

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